Senate District 20 DFL
Countdown to Senate District 20 DFL Convention
Official Statement on Patrick Ganey’s exit of the House 20B Race:

Patrick Ganey is a dedicated public servant who cares deeply about serving others. We thank him for his service and his commitment to putting people first. He will continue to be a leader who will seek to bring people together. We look forward to supporting him in whichever opportunities he pursues.

 -  Shawn Groth, chair of the Senate District 20 Democratic Farmer Labor Party

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Updated Convention Schedule

Here is an updated list of conventions taking place with in Senate District 20:

Rice County DFL
When:  Saturday, March 31st, 2012
            8:30 am registration, 9:00 am convene

Where:  Northfield Middle School
             2200 Division Street South
             Northfield, MN 55057
             ( map )

More Information Contact:
Tom Hayes, chair      (612) 735-4505 
Or Sue Willcutt, associate chair    (507) 334-5087 

Scott 20 Unit DFL
When:  Saturday, April 7th, 2012
Where:  Belle Plaine Public Library
             125 West Main Street
             Belle Plaine, MN  56011
             ( map )

More Information Contact:
Cary Coop, chair     (952)-873-6498

Senate District 20 DFL
When:  Tuesday, May 1st
            6:30 pm registration, 7:00 pm convene

Where:  Montgomery American Legion
             102 Elm Avenue SW
             Montgomery, MN  56069
             ( map )

More Information Contact:
Shawn Groth, chair     (651)-324-9676    

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